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Walking into Taggarts Ice Cream Parlor & Restaurant is a step back into time. The original marble counter tops have withstood thousands of elbows and sundae dishes during their tenure here. The high-backed, maple booths and (now antique) soda fountain were brought in by Joe Taggart when he took over in the twenties. Another previous owner, Check Hess, brought in a 1940’s era player piano. The current owners, Ernie and Patti Schott are custodians of tradition; things do not change here because customers won’t hear of it!

Nostalgia is an important side dish but customers would not keep coming back if the trip down memory lane did not include something good to eat. Taggarts offers delicious made-from-scratch food, made by veteran staffers using time-tested recipes. However, ice cream is king here. If it can be scooped, dipped, mixed, or poured, Taggarts has it. By far, the most famous Taggarts legacy is the Bittner – invented in 1931 and named in honor of a delivery boy. This is a secret mixture of vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, and pecans from a special supplier in Georgia. The end result is a dessert which has the consistency of a milkshake but is too thick to drink.

We invite you to share in the Taggarts experience which keeps customers coming back time and time again!


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